An Orthopedic Robot Fully Covered Trauma and Spine Surgery
  • TiRobot® can help surgeons precisely position surgical instruments and implants in surgery on spine and trauma with its robotic arm.
  • The system is compatible to 2D and 3D modes. With the assist of an orthopedic guide and the unique intelligent algorithm for calculating screw trajectory, the robotic arm can precisely move to the planned position and provide surgeons with accurate and stable trajectory. Surgeons can precisely design and place the internal implant as planned.
  • TiRobot® finds a new way to make regular surgeries intelligent and apply minimal and precise invasion into complex surgeries, which shows prominent advantages in clinical applications. A bright future of intelligent orthopedics is coming.
  • Features
    High-efficiency | Precision | Intelligence | Minimal invasion | Low Radiation
    • High-efficiency
      Surgical efficiency increased at 30%
    • Precision
      Intelligent Assistance Precise Positioning
    • Intelligence
      Real-time Tracking Automatic Registration
    • Minimal Invasion
      Fully covered Trauma and Spine Surgery
    • Low Radiation
      Effectively Reduced Intraoperative Radiation at 70%
    Clinical cases
    • Spine
    • Pelvis
    • Femoral Neck
    • Shoulder
    • Ankle
    • Hand