About Us

Beijing Tinavi Medical Technologies Co., Ltd.

TINAVI has been focusing on the field of orthopedics over  15 years, and has always been committed to providing more possibilities for the development of precision and intelligent orthopedics  by integrating innovation into every  process from design, research and manufacture with the spirit of persevering original research.

As the pioneer of medical robots in China, TINAVI has obtained more than 100 patents, more than 20 national and provincial key scientific research projects, and is the supporting organization of National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Medical Robots. TINAVI has its own postdoctoral scientific research workstation, and is a member of National Robotics Standardization General Working Group of China, a deputy-director level member company of the Medical Robot Branch of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, deputy-director level member company of the Beijing Intelligent Robot Industry Alliance, and director level member company of the Zhongguancun Medical Device Industry Alliance.


以计算机辅助手术导航和医疗机器人为核心,天智航融汇权威专科医院和权威专家群体知识和经验,搭建数字化手术环境,提供智能微创手术整体解决方案,坚持为临床治疗提升精准 、微创的创新技术和设备平台 ;依托国家人口与健康科学数据共享平台,为各级医疗机构提供临床远程服务。