TINAVI Medical Technologies Co., Ltd.

TINAVI Medical Technologies Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 688277; hereinafter referred to as "TINAVI") is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the independent innovation, large-scale production, professional marketing and high-quality clinical application of orthopedic surgical robots and related technologies. It is also the first enterprise in China and the fifth enterprise in the world to obtain a medical robot registration license. In 2020, TINAVI was successfully listed on the STAR Market.


As a pioneer of medical robots in China, TINAVI has obtained more than 100 patents. It is a member unit of the National Robot Standardization Group of China and a supporting unit of both the National Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Medical Robots and the Beijing Medical Robot Industry Innovation Center. At the same time, it is also a board member of the China Association of Medical Equipment, a vice chairman unit of the Medical Robot Branch of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering and the president unit of the Zhongguancun Medical Device Technical Innovation Alliance, a member enterprise of the China Robotic TOP10 Summit, and an innovation leadership enterprise of the Beijing Biomedical Industry Leapfrog Development Project (G20 Project). TINAVi has won the Second Prize of the 2015 National Science and Technology Progress Award and multiple national-, provincial- and ministerial-level honors, and hosts a postdoctoral research workstation.


TiRobots, the core products of TINAVI, can assist surgeons in accurately locating implants or surgical instruments. These products are widely used in spine and trauma orthopedic surgeries. With a clinical accuracy of less than 1mm, TiRobots can substantially reduce intraoperative radiation, improve surgical efficiency, simplify complex surgeries, standardize routine surgeries, and achieve minimally invasive surgeries and medical resources equality, thus helping surgeons to perform successful surgeries and benefit patients. By serving the "Healthy China" strategy, TiRobots help China to develop its own high-end medical equipment and contribute to a promising future of intelligent orthopedics. By the end of 2023 first quarter, the clinical application of TiRobot series orthopedic robots has covered more than 170 medical institutions, 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The number of surgeries has exceeded 40,000 cases.

More than 10 years in innovation and research, the intelligent products have been upgraded three times.

200+ patents

20+ national and provincial major scientific research projects

Supporting Unit of National-Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Medical Robots

Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation


With the spirit of innovation and original research, TINAVI has kept going on precision and intelligent health care.

Strength in Scientific Research
An enterprise based on original research Focusing on orthopedic robotic industry development for more than 10 years
  • National Major Research Projects
  • National Key Technical Supporting Program
  • Project 863
  • Beijing Technology Projects

Research and Application of the Key Components of Medical Robots (Project No.: 2019YFC0118000)

Research and Development of Multi-indication Orthopedic Robots (Project No.: 2017YFC0110600)

Research on Syncretic Multi-modality Biomedical Image and Medical Robots for Precision Orthopedics (Project No.: 20116YFC0105800)

Research on Technical Support and Standards for Equipment Integration of Precision Orthopedics (Project No.: 2016YFC0105803)

Clinical Research and Development of General Orthopedic Robot Navigation and Positioning System (Project No.: 2015BAI33H00)

Research on Orthopedic Robot and Image Navigation System (Project No.: 2012BAI14B02)

The Integration of Intelligent Minimally Invasive Surgery Center for Orthopedic Trauma and Platform Construction (Project No.: 2011BAF01B01)

Research on Clinical Application of Orthopedic Robot-assisted System in Remote Surgery (Project No.: 2004AA421022)

Research on Intelligent Pelvic Reduction System Based on Elastic Traction and Automatic Planning (Project No.: Z181100001918024)

Research on Spinal Surgery Robots (Project No.: Z161100001816035)

Research on Pelvis Fracture Surgery Robots (Project No.: Z131100006413027)

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