TiRobot II

Beyond Robot, Smart Partner
  • TiRobot II is the latest orthopedic robotic system launched by TINAVI, aiming to create an operation center, which is more efficient, ease of use, precise and intelligent.
  • TiRobot II optimizes the process of robot-assisted surgery and makes surgeons work more efficiently. Besides, the multi-functional robotic arm can be applied into complex surgeries of different kinds and significantly improve the operation, making it easier for surgeons to use.
  • With the inherited advantages of TiRobot family, TiRobot II has kept improving itself in precision and intelligence. Surgeons assisted by this product are more confident since they are able to fully control the operation.
  • Features
    Efficient | Accessibility | Precision & Intelligent
    • High-efficiency
      Optimize Surgical Process
    • Accessibility
      Improve HCI
    • Precision and Intelligent
      Inherited Excellence of TiRobot family
    • Integrated Terminal Control of Robotic Arm

      Screws can be selected with one button

    • Sterile Surgical Display

      Real-time Surgical Planning

    • C-arm Tracker

      Simplified Surgical Process

    • Omni-directional Tracer

      Designed for different surgical positions

    • Double Foot Pedals

      Free switch of manual and automatic mode

    • UPS Power-Off Protection

      Constant power supply in surgery

    • Real-time Tracker

    • Sound and light prompt

      for key stages in surgery

    Clinical cases
    • Spine
    • Pelvis
    • Femoral Neck
    • Shoulder
    • Ankle
    • Hand