Good News | Orthopedic Surgery Assisted with TiRobot Covered by Class A Medical Insurance in Beijing

2021 - 10 - 28 15 : 36

Since its launch in 2016, TiRobot® has been widely used in major medical institutions in Beijing. Its clinical performance and social benefits have been recognized by clinical experts and the authorities. Upon recommendation of Beijing Health Commission and Medical Institutions and approval of the Beijing Medical Security Bureau, the robot-assisted orthopedic surgery has been included in the pricing management of Beijing.


Since October 23, 2021, robot-assisted orthopedic surgery was covered by Class A Medical Insurance in Beijing (100% reimbursement) and the disposable robot instruments were partially covered by Class B Medical Insurance (partial reimbursement).

▲ TiRobot® Surgeries are Covered by Class A Medical Insurance Payment



▲ Medical Insurance Payment Rate for TiRobot® Surgeries