The performance appraisal of the Multi-indication Orthopedic Robot was successfully held

2021 - 10 - 27 15 : 36

The expert group is composed of many leaders and professors from universities and institutions including Chinese PLA General Hospital, Tsinghua University and Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Zhang Songgen, president of TINAVI, Zhang Shudong, president of Yantaishan Hospital, and Jiang Xieyuan, president of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital gave accounts of their projects. The experts listened to the reports,  referred to materials and asked related questions. They then provided detailed suggestions for further improvement. The opinions from experts would play a positive role in the later process. After discussion, the experts unanimously approved the three projects and offered reviewer comments.


TINAVI will carefully reading the comments to get a comprehensive understanding and continue to improve our products in clinical application and play a leading role in orthopedic robots.


As a leading enterprise of orthopedic robots, TINAVI will stick to exploring clinical needs and holding on the spirit of ‘industry, education, research, and medical treatment cooperation’ in order to lay solid foundation for innovation and promote its clinical application. TINAVI will also promote and upgrade the intelligent medical industry in China thus contributing to Healthy China Strategy.