The construction plan of Beijing Orthopedic Robotic System Engineering Research Center was approved

2021 - 10 - 27 15 : 37

Beijing Orthopedic Robotic System Engineering Research Center is established on the basis of scientific research achievement transformation jointly made by Beijing Jishuitan Hospital and TINAVI. The research center works as an innovative platform driven by clinical requirements and builds up a circle of ‘medical, research and education’ in order to improve the precision, minimal invasion and intelligence of orthopedic surgeries. Academician Tian Wei, chief scientist of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, will take charge of the research center and complete five major tasks with TiRobot and the core research team. Firstly, build up an innovation platform for orthopedic robot transformation. Second, research on key parts of TiRobot, such as the force control robotic arm. Third, research on the technology and standards of remote surgery. Fourth, carry out clinical application and verification of orthopedic robot. Fifth, establish a clinical training center of orthopedic robots.


The establishment of Beijing Orthopedic Robotic System Engineering Research Center has enhanced the cooperation between TINAVI and Beijing Jishuitan Hospital and has transformed it from the previous research and project based one to a comprehensive cooperation of ‘industry, education, research and medical treatment cooperation’ based on equity investment. It will not only help TINAVI to improve innovative ability in the field of orthopedic robots, but will also have important positive impact on its future development.