Top 10 Events of 2021 | Highlights of TINAVI

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Time is fleeting. At the end of 2021, it is time for us to look back on this fruitful and delightful year.~

★ In 2021, Orthopedic surgery with TiRobot was covered by Class A Medical Insurance in Beijing, which certainly relieves the financial burden of patients.;

★ In 2021,TINAVI kept on innovating and launched TiRobot II as a great hit to the market. ;

★ In 2021, TINAVI was firstly issued by CSA and TiRobot has become the first qualified orthopedic robots in China;

2021 is a rewarding year, in which our ‘TINAVIers’ kept going in the field of orthopedic robots with the spirit of perseverance and had numbers of highlights marked our great achievement of the year. At the beginning of 2022, TINAVI will keep our feet on the ground and bring more convenient and intelligent products for doctors and patients.



Orthopedic surgery with TiRobot has been covered by Class A Medical Insurance in Beijing

In October 2021, robot-assisted orthopedic surgery was covered by Class A Medical Insurance in Beijing (100%) and the disposable robot instruments were partially covered by Class B Medical Insurance. The support of Medical Insurance has not only relieved the financial burden of patients but also promoted the research and development of medical robots, thus promoting the progress of health care.

2.jpg▲ Orthopedic surgery with TiRobot has been covered by Class A Medical Insurance


TiRobot II hit the market

       In April 2021, TiRobot II was launched as a great hit to the market. This brand new product of TINAVI brought more efficient and intelligent operation for surgeons in addition to its inherited precision

     TiRobot II is surgeon-oriented and improves the efficiency and fluency of surgical process with the help of the intelligent operation center. Its HD touch screen and the integrated terminal control of robotic arm can assist doctors in controlling the overall process. Besides, the 360-degree tracing system can deal with complicated positioning more intelligently, which is applicable to more cases. The surgeon will be more confident in full control of the operation.


▲ Intelligent Operation Center of TiRobot II


TINAVI was firstly issued by CSA in China

       In December 2021, TiRobot II was successfully issued the first certificate of North American for surgical robot in mainland China. The Robot-Guided Orthopedic Surgical System has become the first qualified orthopedic robot in China. TiRobot II can carry out trauma surgery on cervical spine,thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, pelvis, acetabulum and limbs.

       TiRobot II was certified according to the latest industrial standards, including product safety regulations, EMC, medical software regulations, availability and specialized standard of robot performance(IEC80601-2-77). In this case, TiRobot II from TINAVI fully met the requirements for technical skills and accessed the market of North America.


▲ TINAVI was issued certificate by CSA


TINAVI highlighted its strength of science and innovation and stood out in stock market

Attributed to its advantages in orthopedic robots, TINAVI won a number of awards in 2021:


In July, TINAVI was named as the leader of 2021 Star Market in a dinner party hold by CaiJing and SMDC;


▲ TINAVI was awarded as a leader of hard technology in 2021 STAR Market


       In July, a summit of 2-year anniversary of STAR Market was hold in Shanghai, supported by the government of Xuhui District of Shanghai, Shanghai Newspaper Group, Cailian Press and STAR Market Daily. The theme of this summit was ‘Innovation and Leading the Future’. TINAVI was rated as ‘the most valuable listed medical company of STAR Market’ in the summit;


▲ TINAVI was named as the most valuable listed company in 2021 STAR Market


In October, TINAVI was selected as "TOP10 Chinese Innovative Enterprises of Medical Devices of 2021” in the 6th Health Care Industry Upgrading Summit in China.;


▲ TINAVI was selected as TOP10 innovative medical device enterprises of 2021 in China


In December, Shanghai Securities News officially announced the list of ‘Golden Quality of Listed Companies of 2021’. TINAVI was on the list because of its outstanding performance in STAR Market. 


▲ TINAVI won "Golden quality" Prize of Star Market


TiRobot&JNJ Viper PrimeTM Integrated Surgery Treatment was officially approved

After nearly 2 years of unremitting exploration and innovation, TiRobot&JNJ Viper PrimeTM Integrated Surgery Treatment jointly developed by TINAVI and JNJ was officially approved at the end of November. In addition, more than 10 surgeries assisted by this treatment was carried out in Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, Fujian Provincial Hospital, The Hospital of Putian College, etc. in less than 2 weeks, which was broadcast live in an annual program of spinal surgery.



Building up a training platform for doctors

       In 2021, TINAVI has continued to carry out training courses of robotic surgery skills, providing more opportunities for orthopedic doctors to learn and improve their clinical skills.TINAVI cooperated with JNJ for the third time and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tianjin Hospital, Fujian Provincial Hospital and Jiangsu Provincial Hospital. TINAVI provided training courses of robotic surgery skills for their partners and popularized the advanced techniques and application experience of TiRobot-assisted spine surgery for surgeons all over the province and the country, in this way to bring benefits to more patients with spinal diseases;

        In July and December, TINAVI jointly established robot application training centers with the The First Hospital of Anhui Medical University and The First Hospital of China Medical University. At the ceremony, many experts in this field introduced the clinical application of TiRobot in spine, trauma, limbs, etc. and presented a wonderful academic feast for the audience online;

       In December, TINAVI established a platform of online training courses called ‘Tianji College’. It is an academic exchange platform for doctors on clinical application of TiRobot. Doctors can improve their skills of intelligent orthopedics through this platform and benefit patients then. The platform aims at providing one-stop training courses of TiRobot for doctors and the learning materials on it can be viewed repeatedly through ‘live’ and ‘playback’ button. 


 ▲ Robot Application Training Center of The First Hospital of Anhui Medical University was established


▲ Robot Application Training Center of The First Hospital of China Medical University was established


TiRobot is able to complete innovative surgeries with integrated piezosurgery and high-speed abrasive drilling system.

    In September 2021, three cases of thoracic ligament olf ossification resection assisted by TiRobot&Piezosurgery Integrated System were successfully completed by the medical group led by Yuan Qiang from Beijing Jishuitan Hospital. With 3D imaging planning, TiRobot-Piezosurgery Integrated System made it possible for precise and active osteotomy with piezosurgery for complex shapes. These successful cases have filled the gap of robot-assisted spinal cutting and abrasion surgery in the world.


▲ Comparison of surgical plans of three cases of thoracic ligamentum flavum ossification resection assisted by TiRobot&Piezosurgery System

       In December 2021, the medical group led by Zhu Yue, Director of the Department of Orthopedics and Vice President of The First Hospital of China Medical University, successfully completed two cases of robot-assisted pedicle screw fixation and decompression for lumbar lamina integrated by high-speed abrasion and drilling system. It was the first time in the world to apply robots into the abrasion and decompression surgery on lumbar lamina,which has expanded the functions of TiRobot and led the world. 




▲Intraoperative Abrasion


1. Reported by CCTV and attracted constant focus from media

    In August 2021, Tian Wei, chief scientist and former president of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told a story in a medical program on CCTV 12 about our self-designed orthopedic robot that surprised the world. Tian said, ‘The concept and the approach of surgery have changed. In the past, some incurable diseases were difficult to overcome, but with the assistance of TiRobot, they can be cured safely. In addition, we can also carry out 3D planning on the most dangerous part before surgery and complete complex surgeries safely.’

2. Academician Tian Wei talked about TiRobot.

    In May 2021, reporters from CCTV News visited the research center of TINAVI and found that as a high-tech medical company, its investment in R&D increased more than 40% in the first season. Dr. Xu Jin, General Manager of TINAVI said, ‘The orthopedic robotic system is the core product of TINAVI. The investment growth in medical robot segments has exceeded that of medical devices and instrumentation manufacturing industry.’

3. General Manager Dr. Xu Jin was interviewed.

    In March 2021, as a pioneer of science and technology innovation enterprises in China, TINAVI showed on the international channel of CCTV with TiRobot. The precise and efficient surgical process of TiRobot was demonstrated on the program, which indicated that our self-designed medical robots are practically empowering doctors and bringing benefits to patients. 

4. Academician Tian Wei demonstrated TiRobot.

    In November 2021, reporters from Innovation China visited TINAVI. They looked back on the hardship of the establishment and looked forward to the future development of TINAVI with President Zhang Songgen. Intelligent technology provides TiRobot with stable hands and precise eyes. At sub-millimeter level, the precision of TiRobot has made it a leader of orthopedic robots all over the country and the world.


Medical Robots Innovation and Development Forum of International Robotics Conference of 2021 came to a successful conclusion.

    In September 2021, Medical Robots Innovation and Development Forum of International Robotics Conference of 2021 held in Beijing came to a successful conclusion. Many experts in the fields of medicine, engineering, industry as well as management came to the forum and discussed the cutting-edge technology and achievement transformation of medical robots in depth. Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT), declared in his speech that in the future, MIIT would strengthen core technology and lay solid foundation for industrial development and innovating the collaboration mechanism. Working together with manufacturers, medical institutions, industry organizations and other industry colleagues, MIIT would strive for innovation and support the development of medical devices to achieve the second Centenary Goal.


▲ Group Photo of Participants


The construction plan of Beijing Orthopedic Robotic System Engineering Research Center was approved by Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission.

    In September 2021, jointly declared by Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, TINAVI and another medical company, the construction plan of Beijing Orthopedic Robotic System Engineering Research Center was approved by Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, which meant it can operate in market as an independent legal entity. This research center will work as an innovative platform driven by clinical requirements to build up a circle of ‘medical, research and education cooperation’ in order to improve the precision, minimal invasion and intelligence of orthopedic surgeries. 


▲ Beijing Orthopedic Robotic System Engineering Center